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The marriage ceremony of one of your close friends is upcoming, and you are confused about what to give as a gift.

You might be trying to avoid writing a direct check to the wedding registry.

Writing a check seems bizarrely normal, right?

So, you are not alone to feel that. Almost everyone becomes confused, thinking about what to gift a friend who is getting married?

Eventually, they end up writing a check.

If you want to avoid this circumstance and gift something out of the ordinary to your friend, then you will get a lovely collection in this article.

Finding a unique and perfect wedding gift is not always easy. Different people have different likings. So, you must be a bit careful about choosing a gift.

As you are concerned about giving the perfect gift, so you don’t want to give anything close to registry gifts.

Here Are Our Top 10 Picks for wedding gifts

These choices will also work out for various occasions. You can choose wedding gifts for brothers and sisters for example.

01 Customized Photo Frame

Weeding is a joyful moment for every pair. A couple always loves to store the best shot from the wedding photographs.

Their loved shot looks lovelier in a beautiful photo frame.

You can give your friend a customized photo frame with their name on it. It will mean something personal to them.

02. Couple Mugs

As they will start a new journey, they will be spending a lot of time exploring themselves. The best time for gossiping is coffee time.

So, it will be lovely to give a customized pair of couple mugs.

03. Custom Photo Books

When it is a marriage ceremony of one of your closest friends, they expect something personal and something that tells the story about your friendship journey altogether.

You can make a custom photo book with the best collections of your memories together. Good memories are the things that everyone always remembers.

What can be a better gift than a collection of them?

04. Instant Camera

Weeding is the beginning of a new journey. It is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for a happy couple, a reunion for both the bride and groom’s friends and family.

The couple will be making memories and will have some joyous moments. Nowadays, we keep moments with digital cameras and digital records.

But where is the fun in that?

It is interesting to see the instant printout of the picture taken. Instant cam is a classic choice in this modern time.

05. Digital Photo Frame

If your friend is tech-savvy, then a digital photo frame can be a great choice. The regular photo frame seems old school to a tech lover.

Then again, it has ease of use. Replacing photos instantly, enjoying a slideshow becomes easy with it.

Digital photo frame allows to preload photo and allows to give a congratulating message to the couple.

06. A Personalized Nameplate

A personalized nameplate for the newly married couple is something apart from the ordinary. Both will be sharing a house from now on.

 So, it will be delightful to place their names at the entrance.

07. Cookware Set

Starting a new family requires a good set of cookware.

You can choose something that will make the cooking more pleasant for both of them.

 You can go with a selection of one of the premium cookware sets.

08. Customized Clock

A decorative clock increases the beauty of a room.

A personalized wooden wall clock is a beautiful item for their bedroom decoration.

The clock is something we look at so often.

So, you can customize something pleasant to watch. And, don’t forget to put the couple’s names on it.

09. Drinkware 

Drinkware is a classic choice for gift ideas. At the end of an exhausting day, they will sit together for a drink.

So, a set of premium-looking drinkware is a great deal.

10. Travel Voucher

Honeymoon is on the way for the newly married couple. Couples spend quality time together during traveling.

If they are fond of traveling, nothing is more pleasant than a travel voucher.

They can redeem the voucher whenever they plan to travel.

Bonus one:

Gift the couple a getting married website, sharing their love story and wishing them a happy journey.

Concluding Words

Marriage is the most significant experience of a person’s life. Enjoyment goes at the peak level during a wedding ceremony.

When it comes to friends, they fulfill our lives, and we care about their feelings about us.

So, someone should choose something special for their dearest friends, making the event more joyous and memorable.

I hope now you will think about what to gift a friend who is getting married?

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