Riding a Motorcycle


The number of motorcycle accidents around the world is increasing day by day. From novice riders to expert bikers, everyone makes mistakes while riding a bike. These mistakes are the main reason for most motorcycle accidents. Therefore, it is essential to avoid these activities to avoid thousands of accidents and deaths every day. Some people seek a lawyer’s help for these accidents. You may look into motorcycle accidents in Calgary if you are one of them. 

This article will guide you by mentioning “What Should You Not Do When Riding a Motorcycle” and how to avoid those activities. So, let’s get started.

Riding with More than Two People 

These pictures are more common on Asian roads due to overpopulation. Since there are so many people, you will see motor riders carrying two people with them. That is very dangerous because riding a bike requires proper balance. If you ride with so many people, you will lose your equilibrium, and the result will be a fatal road accident.

It is always recommended to ride a bike alone and with a maximum of two people (including yourself) if you are experienced enough. It is risky to share your ride if you are a newbie. Additionally, you might be surprised to know that the passengers of your bike should also follow some rules. For example, the passengers should know how to turn with the bike and fidget during the ride.

Not Wearing Gear

Don’t forget about wearing enough gear while riding a bike. The reason is very straightforward. Helmet and other equipment are supposed to protect different parts of your body. If you don’t wear those, you are putting your organs in danger. The head and the upper part of your body have a higher chance of getting wound if you are using a bike as your vehicle. 

That’s why you may forget to drink water, but you should never forget to wear a proper helmet during biking. In some cases, people use protectors in the first couple of years of biking. However, after a while, they leave all those thinking that wearing protectors might make them look dumb. Never believe in that way.

Turning Without Indicating

This rule is applicable for not only bike riding but also riding other kinds of vehicles. Turn your motorcycle by indicating or giving some signals. It doesn’t matter how you do it. You can either show signs using your body postures or hands or by using your vehicle’s lights. It is up to you. 

Carrying Heavy Loads

This mistake is the same as the one mentioned previously, “riding with more than two people.” If you carry too much load on your vehicle, you put yourself at risk and others. For example, you may distract the drivers of other cars by making them gawk at your abnormal cargos. So, please don’t do this ever.

Riding in Between Cars

This point is worth mentioning when you think about “What Should You Not Do When Riding a Motorcycle.” Riding in between cars is also a significant cause of several accidents. Most bike riders choose a bike as their vehicle only because of its breathtaking speed and opportunity to circumvent cars. The riders do so by riding between cars. So, why is riding between cars dangerous? 

When you ride between cars, you are increasing your proximity with other cars. As a result, you will be at a higher chance of collision. Another reason is the driver doesn’t expect you on the spot when you are riding between cars. So, they may make their car move without observing your motorcycle, and the consequence will be a fatal accident. 

Rushing to Corners

It is such a simple thing to remember; however, most people overlook this fact. When you pass by a corner with your bike, you are playing with circular, angular momentum. So, if you ditch the laws of physics by increasing your speed at intersections, it will undoubtedly backfire by causing damage to your bike.

Falling in Love with Worn Tires

At first glance, it may sound stupid to you. However, many bike riders don’t change their tires and prove themselves as a jerk. You are an intelligent biker. If so, you should replace your worn tires with new ones. Bald tires expose you to a higher risk. Especially when the tread wears off, or the weather is terrible, you must get rid of your old tires.

To Conclude

You have gained enough knowledge on “What you should not do when riding a motorcycle.” Of course, you may desire to enjoy your bike journey as much as possible; however, you should never do the above avoidable activities, even if it is for having fun. After all, saving your life should be your first and foremost concern. 

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