Section B No-Fault Benefits in Alberta

The insurance policies are critical and somewhat complicated to understand. Among them, section B is a significant one. When you are in a car accident and are the driver, you have a right to claim compensation from your own insurance company. It is called the no-fault benefit.

In this article, we will try to tell you what is section b no-fault benefits in Alberta. And also, our motive will be to enlighten you about the benefits as well. But remember, we are not here to give you legal advice and solution. For that, you will need a proper legal advisor or skilled attorney.

What is Section B No-Fault Benefits in Alberta?

In Alberta, the insurance policies for car accidents allow the driver to claim a settlement. This settlement is done regardless of the fault of any party. Even if the party is at fault, he is entitled to get a certain amount for medical purposes. It is called the No-Fault Benefits, stated in section B. it is just like the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. The insurance company of the driver will be responsible for paying this amount.

However, the insurance companies frequently try to reduce or completely cut off the payment. But know that it is your right even if you are responsible for the accident.

Who Are Eligible for No-Fault Benefits: Example?

Anyone involved in the car accident will be eligible to claim for section B No-Fault Benefits. Well, except in some cases may be. Here, let us describe you with some examples:

When you are driving the car:

Suppose you drive a car, and you hit another vehicle or a pedestrian because of your negligence. Although you are the at-fault party here, you can still claim the section B benefits.

When you are the pedestrian:

In this case, suppose you are crossing the road without following the signals, or you are jaywalking. A car hits you on this busy road. Here, you are the negligent one, but yet, you can apply for no-fault benefits.

When you are the passenger:

You are not the driver, but you are a passenger of the car that is at fault. That means you were in the car when it collided with another vehicle or pedestrian. In such cases, you are also eligible for section B benefits for your physical damages.

When you are a passenger on a bus:

When you are in public transport or a private vehicle/bus, you will be able to claim for section B benefits in any incident. It doesn’t matter who is responsible for the accident, and all the passengers are eligible for this benefit.

What Are the Remunerations from Section B No-Fault Benefits?

In simple words, section B covers medical expenses and disabilities. However, not all of the medical costs will be covered by this section. The aim is to treat the instant medical needs of temporary disabilities due to the accident.

  • Limited wage coverage if you are unable to attend work;
  • Emergency ride to hospital/ambulance cost;
  • Dental treatments;
  • Therapies (physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture);
  • Medicine;
  • Some other treatments if the court finds suited.

How Much Are the Benefits from Section B?

In general, an approx. Payable benefits can be up to 50,000$. The time limits up to 2 years. However, this amount is rare. If you have any personal health insurance, the law will try to make sure you use that money.

Another reason for that is that insurance companies try to settle the case for a lot less. They will arrange their doctor who will inquire about your injuries. Now, they will try to minimize the payout from their side.

Here is an overview of the amounts:

 Maximum payment
Death benefits5000$
Therapies (physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture)600$
Chiropractic treatment1000$
Loss of wage600$ per week (80% of the salary)

Final Words

As we mentioned earlier, this section is quite complex. A regular person or even a less skilled lawyer can misinterpret the policy. As a result, you may not get the right amount that you deserve. So, the best thing to do will be to contact a specialized and experienced legal adviser. He will make sure you get the maximum settlement for the misfortune. Hopefully, this article was enough to let you know what is section b no-fault benefits in Alberta.


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