Traffic Accident

One of the major reasons for death on the road is Tucson traffic accidents. Every year several people fall into road accidents. This causes the authorities to look into the causes of traffic accidents and take preventive measures as soon as possible.

It is crucial for drivers and passengers also to be aware of all the reasons behind road accidents. This can improve the carefulness taken on the road while driving a vehicle or riding a motorbike. Here we will see some common reasons for traffic accidents.

5 Most Common Causes of Traffic Accident

The major cause of traffic accidents is related to the unawareness of the drivers. Road and traffic conditions do play a significant role. However, it has been found that lack of knowledge of driving etiquettes, substance abuse before or while driving, and several other road safety issues are some major causes of traffic accidents.

Here we will learn about 5 of the most common causes of traffic accidents that can help us in preventing collisions in the first place.

1. Driving Under Substance Influence

One of the most widespread causes of traffic accidents is drunk driving or driving under the influence. It is also a very sure path towards road accidents. Whenever a driver drives a vehicle while or after drinking alcohol, the possibility of an accident goes miles up.

In addition, people often drive cars after taking any sort of drug that causes dizziness or mild dementia. Eventually, drivers get absent-minded, and accidents occur. Therefore, you should never drive after any substance that can result in your mind and brain getting disoriented.

2. Driving with Distraction

Another leading cause of the accident is distraction while driving. Smartphones can cause major distractions when you are driving a car. Often times it has been found that the driver was either on a phone call or texting while driving. This is not only a death threat to the people in the car but also to the passers-by.

It is even more dangerous as it can become a habit for some people. Sometimes, you may end up getting away with it. As a result, you may build the habit of texting or talking on the phone while driving. In the end, this can result in horrible collisions and the possible death of everyone involved.

3. Insufficient Knowledge of Driving

When you are driving on highways, you must follow some cautions and etiquette. The majority of the drivers lack the knowledge of safe driving. Therefore, this has been recorded as one of the common causes of road accidents.

Knowledge comes from experience as well. It can be seen that many young drivers end up spending way too much without having the knowledge of what might happen in the circumstances.

Some drivers also lack the eligibility to think quickly and slow down the vehicle. As a result, many accidents occur due to a lack of knowledge of driving properly on the roads.

4. Wrongful and Risky Habits

Another major cause of traffic accidents is the bad habits that drivers tend to follow these days. Oftentimes, drivers get away with any punishment or possible accidents despite their reckless driving. So they end up making it their habit.

They believe that things will go right as long as others are being careful. They do not realize that it is also their duty to be cautious while driving. This can increase recklessness and cause fatal accidents on the road.

5. Uncontrollable Road Safety Factor

This is the factor that is uncontrollable by a driver but makes driving on the road really unsafe. For instance, jaywalking can be a hazardous reason behind road accidents if the walker disrupts traffic rules.

Moreover, not having proper lighting on the road is another key factor of traffic accidents. This can cause the drivers to be visually impaired and lose proper sight of the road.

In addition to this, other drivers can be a risk for you as well. Some reckless drivers can get in the way of your safe driving and cause trouble on the road even when you are completely cautious.

Another external factor is rain. Driving in the rain is always risky. Especially in areas where rains are too heavy and make the road very slippery. Rain can change the condition of the road drastically. Some drivers fail to take proper preventive measures and slow down while driving in the rain. This can cause serious accidents.


Many people lose their valuable lives in road accidents every year. While everyone knows the causes of traffic accidents, the lack of awareness of maintaining safety has been a major issue. The 5 main causes of an accident can improve road safety while driving if followed properly.

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