brain injury

Road accidents are increasing every day. One of the most common consequences of these accidents is a brain injury. Brain injury can alter someone’s life forever. That is why the party responsible for the accident is supposed to pay the insurance money. However, in reality, things are anything but this easy. The responsible party’s insurance company will try its best to lower the amount as much as possible. It is why it is best to hire a brain injury lawyer to fight this crucial moment of life. The good news is not all brain injuries will hamper your life in the same way. Mild injuries recover after a good rest. Let me help you to learn about the different types of brain injury and their details.

Types of brain injury:

Brain injuries can be divided into two segments: 1. Traumatic injury 2. Non-traumatic injury. Since accidents cause trauma, we will focus on traumatic injury. There are mainly five types of brain injury. They are:

  • Skull crack
  • Hematoma
  • Expanded axonal injury
  • Swelling
  • Concussion

Skull crack: These are the rarest kind of injury and the most dangerous one. These injuries can alter brain function drastically and cause brain infection. If these cracks are slim, the patients are monitored closely. If the damages are profound, the patient requires surgery.

Hematoma: Hematoma means leakage of blood. If there is blood in empty spaces of a person’s brain, that means he has a hematoma. It happens due to a blood vessel hernia. Hematoma needs surgery to be fixed. These surgeries are costly, and patients need a lot of time to recover from the surgeries. However, if the surgery is successful, there is a high chance that the patient will return to his everyday life after recovery. To ensure that, the patient must go to a renowned surgeon. That might cost you a fortune, for which the insurance money is essential. But no one wants to cut open their brain unless someone very best is doing it.

Expanded axonal injury: An expanded axonal injury hampers the function of the brain cells. Axonal injury causes tearing of axons (long nerve fibers that connect). It happens if the brain is severely injured. Thus, no surgical intervention can fix them. In injuries like this patient goes to a coma and loses functions of the brain. The family of a patient who is going through this kind of injury should be prepared. This kind of injury alters everything forever. No one should go through something like this. Everyone should remain as careful as possible.

Swelling: it is very much similar to the previous injury. However, if the node is not at the axonal areas swelling can be kept under control. As the skull cannot capacitate anything extra, the swelled brain can cause pressure on your head. Patients are under observation in such situations.

Concussion: This is the most common kind of brain injury caused by any trauma. Concussion means when some are hurt on the internal walls of the skull. These also don’t need any surgical intervention, and if treated properly, a patient will recover soon.


Recovery from a brain injury is not that easy. Even if a surgical intervention could save the patient, there are challenges after the patient gains consciousness. A prevalent scenario in these patients is they suffer from amnesia. The bigger the injury, the more chances are that the amnesia will last more. In the worst-case scenario, patients never fully recover their memory. Sometimes, patients keep forgetting after every five minutes. Therefore, when a patient from brain injury recovers, there is no exact time frame. Apart from memory loss, there are other difficulties. Sometimes, the patient loses motor skills. Permanent paralysis is also a widespread scenario seen in these patients. Unfortunately, recovery does not always bring pleasant outcomes in case of brain injuries.


As you have learned about different types of brain injury, you know how it can change a person’s life forever. Everyone should always be careful to avoid these. Generally, these injuries are a common outcome of bike accidents as the bike has no external protection. Other forms of accidents can result in brain injuries too. Brain injury is the most critical kind of injury, in my opinion. Since the brain is the human body’s powerhouse, any damage can permanently change a human body. Sometimes, even if the patient is alive, they find it hard to adapt to life after a brain injury. Like paralysis, loss of motor skills can make a person frustrated. Life does not remain the same in most cases. Thus, we should try our level best to be careful and avoid the circumstances that might lead to a brain injury.

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