Make Cologne Last Longer

Cologne is something that completes your everyday morning touch-up before you leave home for work. You use cologne to protect you from a bad sweat smell and provide a refreshing aroma all day long.

For long-lasting fragrances, people prefer the best Tom Ford perfume for women and men. Other brands are also good as well.

Still, there are some ways to make cologne last longer. You can apply these to any brand and make your whole day aromatic. Let’s know.

DOs and Don’ts to Make Cologne Last Longer

Making cologne long-lasting is quite a tricky task. If you can apply your cologne properly by maintaining the following Dos and Don’ts, your cologne will give you a sweet fragrance for age-long.

So, let’s explore the techniques:


Apply Just After Your Shower

One of the easiest ways to make your cologne last longer is to apply the cologne just after you shower. You might think of using cologne right before you go outside so that it lasts long.

But it is completely a wrong decision. When you apply cologne before going outside, it disappears within the shortest possible time.

But if you apply it just after your shower, it lasts long. Because, after a shower, your cell pores are open, and they can absorb the cologne very finely. As a result, it provides you with its aroma for a long period.

Moisturize Beforehand

Whenever any drought occurs, the land fails to retain sufficient water just because of dryness. Similarly, when you apply cologne on your dry skin, your skin fails to absorb the scent properly. And consequently, you lose the sweet scent very quickly.

To avoid such situations, it is recommended to moisturize your hides properly and then apply cologne for a long-lasting fragrance.

Spray on Your Wrists

Another way by which you can make your cologne longer is to spray the cologne on your wrists. Men used to do it from long ago. Nowadays, women also do this, and it is very much effective.

When you spray it on your wrists, your pulse points get warmer, making the fragrance stronger and long-lasting.

Layer Your Fragrance

These days, people use so many daily products that already contain a bit strong aroma, such as beauty soaps, body balms, aftershave, and many more.

After using these products, when you apply cologne on your skin, it gets blended with the aroma of those products and might lose its fragrance. That is why layering is important.


Spray Directly onto Your Clothes

It’s a precaution not to spray your cologne directly onto your clothes. When you spray cologne over your clothes, it gets dissipated as quickly as possible due to the airflow outside.

So, to make your cologne last longer, you must avoid this. Further, most of the colognes consist of alcohol which can cause harm to your clothes as well.

Rub Them Together

You already know that spraying cologne on the wrists makes it long-lasting. But you must bear in mind that when you spray the scent on your wrists, do not rub the wrists together.

Rubbing colognes between your wrists breaks it down, and it can not provide you fragrance for the long haul. So, be careful!


You might think that if you apply more colognes to your body, it will provide more fragrance, and people will like it more. But alas! That is not going to happen.

If you do not know what to do and how to use it to get a long-lasting aroma, all your scents will disappear almost simultaneously, no matter how much you apply. Rather, overuse of colognes might make you fall in false positions in front of people.

Keep the Bottle in the Bathroom

You might not know about the enemies of your colognes, right? They are humidity, heat, and light. These three things boost up the quick disappearance of your scent. And all these three things you will get all together in your bathroom.

So, never keep your colognes bottle in the bathroom. Instead, you should preserve it in a dry, dark, and cool place so that you can get the aroma for longer.


Finally, we sum up our discussion here. Probably, now it is quite clear to you how to make colognes last longer, right?

Just follow the “Dos” and avoid “Don’ts,” and get your sweet fragrance for a long period. Never use more than one colognes at a time. That might give you a messy and unsavory odor.

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