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The number of accident cases, especially accidents associated with cars and motorcycles, is going up day by day. People put all those accidents in the same category. However, there are many differences between them. To get a deeper insight into differences in the case of law, you can contact motorcycle accident lawyers in Red Deer.

Since the size and structure of motorcycles are different from that of cars, the accidents caused by them also differ. Motorcycle accidents can be more dangerous even if the vehicles are enormous. They also cause severe injury because there is no support in a motorcycle. 


Each year eleven million car accidents or even more occur. The reasons can be grouped into two categories: driver’s fault and other conditions: weather, faulty roads, traffic error, health emergencies, etc. 

General reasons behind car accidents are:

  • Alcohol or drugs cause almost half of the accidents.
  • Speeding and competing with other vehicles contribute to accidents in significant ways.
  • Most of the drivers are unwilling to obey traffic rules. As a result, their changing of lanes frequently, following aggressively, disobeying traffic signals cause fatal accidents.
  • Driver fatigue is one of the most notorious problems. Most of the drivers fall asleep while driving at night. And those who remain awake drive with only 35% consciousness.

General reasons behind motorcycle accidents include:

  • The first point should be the left-hand turning of cars. When a vehicle makes a turn left, the cars are in danger. Likewise, it becomes risky when a motorcycle tries to go straight during intersections to pass by the vehicle. Almost forty-two percent of all accidents of cars and motorcycles involve left-hand turning of vehicles. In most cases, the car drivers don’t expect a motorcycle’s arrival, and a bike tries to cross the car with a similar lane. 
  • Speeding up irrationally and drunk driving also contributes to motorcycle accidents.
  • Because of the structure of motorcycles, the uneven roads and holes in the middle of streets play a massive role in accidents. Unfortunately, these road hazards are nothing but the carelessness of the authority.
  • Motorcycles clash with a fixed object, and that causes accidents. It is the reason for only 18% of car accidents but almost 25% of motorcycle accidents.
  • The illegal act of lane spitting has become very popular these days. When a motorcycle navigates in the middle of two lanes, there is a lack of space for navigating the bike, and the other vehicles remain in higher proximity. Thus, the chances of accidents increase.

Injuries and Risks

Unfortunately, motorcyclists have fourteen times more chances to be dead than car commuters in two cars with clashes. These facts portray that motorcycle accident are hazardous.

The common injuries/risks of a car accident include:

  • Whiplash: This injury involves the damage of muscle, ligament, and tendon. During a car accident, your body often darts faster than you ever moved on your own. This incident can strain muscles and other soft tissues without breaking bones. Whiplashes are very painful, and it can take time to recover.
  • Herniated Disc: Just like you can bone breakage in a car crash, you can also fall victim to a herniated disc. A herniated disc occurs when vertebrates in your spine either shift out of place. A herniated disc can cause complications.
  • Broken ribs, Scrapes and cuts, head injuries, and internal bleeding are other injuries from a car accident worth mentioning.

The common injuries of a motorcycle accident include:

  • Legs: It is common in a motorcycle accident to injure your lower body, like your knees, calves, ankles, and feet. Although these injuries are not life-long, without proper nursing, they can turn into fatal long-term injuries.
  • Arms: Biker’s arms are the riskiest part. Usually, a motorcyclist is thrown off the motorcycle. As a result of that, his hands get injured firstly. In the case of a car, the passengers have seat belts and other protection. However, they don’t have any motorcycles.
  • Head and Neck, Road Rash, and Muscle damage are other types of injuries caused by motorcycles.


Accidents can bring a lot of suffering to the person’s and his family’s life. However, with proper minor precautions like using seat belts in cars and helmets in motorcycles, we can prevent significant accidents. But, again, like the causes and injuries, the cautions also vary in car and motorcycle accidents.

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