“Comfort” is the word that people look for in everything. It can be about food, home, living place, daily wears or anything. T-shirt is very common and favorite wear among boys, girls and all ages of people because it provides the comfort that people generally look for. Wearing a t-shirt is never out of style.

History of t-shirt

A t-shirt is mainly a kind of fabric shirt. It is called by its name because its shape is like ‘T.’ By custom, its sleeves are short, and the neckline is round. Such neckline is called a crew neck and definitely lacked a collar. T-shirt is normally made of light, stretchy, inexpensive fabric. This is why these are quite easy to wash. T-shirts came as an evolution of 19th century’s undergarments and also from the 20th century’s mid, which was transited from undergarment to general use.

T-shirts have come as a form of personal notion since the 1960s, where silkscreen printed t-shirts were used to be as marketing apparatus for famous American consumer products like coca-cola, mickey mouse, etc. There has also been the use of it as a personal or political impression or celebration of any events. It is not surprising if someone thinks today, “How can I make my own t-shirts online for free?” and you can really get your t-shirt for free.

T-shirt makers mainly follow four types of methods for printing which are mostly applied for wholesale orders: transfer printing, screen printing, cut and sew, and direct or garment printing. Pima cotton is known to be the highest quality cotton having extra-long fibers ensuring the softness of the t-shirt fabric.

How to get t-shirts online for free

As wearing a t-shirt is never out of style, people try to get a unique design in their t-shirts. Some people customize the design, and some look for the perfect ones in the market. The online t-shirt business has become very famous and common now. It’s a good business idea for students to start their career with.

Nowadays, online is the platform where you can get whatever you want from anywhere in the world. Getting your most favorite design on your t-shirt can be one of the most joyous things if you are a t-shirt lover. To make your t-shirt online for free, you can do the below things.

To make the perfect designed t-shirt online, you can use different free software such as Designhill T-shirt maker, Printful, Adobe illustrator, Graffixpro studio, InkScape, GIMP, Placeit, Rush order tee, etc. These are the perfect software to make your t-shirt design for free.

Online sources

There are so many t-shirt design courses online where the tutorial of making t-shirts are available. These courses are helping a lot to the students to start their t-shirt business with a very low amount of money.


YouTube is the platform that offers every solution to every problem if you are giving the right keyword for searching the problem. There are numerous fantastic ideas given on YouTube for making t-shirts. Videos related to t-shirts making provide excellent DIY ideas. By following them, you can make your t-shirt with the thing that you don’t even need to buy. Those ingredients are easily available at every home.

Other online platforms

Use an online platform for gathering information. For example, people are using the free trial of paid software for making their work done. There are unique approaches such as using the juice of flowers or vegetables to color their t-shirts. You can follow these unique things to get your desired t-shirt for free.

Participating in many events

Try to participate in organizational events or marketing events. There you can propose your desired design. If the companies or event organizers like your design, you can get a bunch of t-shirts from there for free.

Your smartphone has a use

If you don’t have any laptop or computer to make your design, don’t be disheartened. Your mobile is enough to do this big work. You can download free apps such as Adobe Photoshop Touch, Autodesk sketchbook pro, Photopedia Heritage, Art Authority for iPad, etc. You can make your desired design here, and by printing them, you can DIY them at home. This is such an easy process to make your t-shirt free.

Surf the market

Go to the market, buy a plain t-shirt and color them using the normal painting colors. This will save your printing cost, and the benefit is here that you can draw whatever you want on your t-shirt.

Final Words

Making unisex t-shirts are the cleverest thing for a business. Couples can buy them, and both can use them, which is cost-saving and good for matching clothes. Whether it’s cold or hot weather, the demand for t-shirt never fades away. Start your business today by following our guides with your homemade cost-free t-shirts. Anyway, you got the answer to your question- How can I make my own t-shirts online for free?

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