Gucci Guilty vs. Acqua di Gio

When we talk about perfumes, we think they are only made for women. That is absolutely untrue. Along with the inspired Armani perfume for her, there are also perfumes for men. We have brought the two most popular choices today into our discussion.

We’re talking about Gucci Guilty vs. Acqua di Gio. These two are among the topmost picks for many male perfume enthusiasts. But if you want to buy one, which one do you pick?

Comparison between Gucci Guilty vs. Acqua di Gio

Our focus is to give you a complete overview of the two perfumes. And eventually, compare the performance of the two in terms of different factors. We will also differentiate their longevity, versatility, projectile, and overall scent in this article.

The Notes Included in the Perfumes

Both perfumes have very different notes. This makes them very unique to each other.

The notes of Acqua di Gio include tangerine, jasmine, patchouli, hyacinth, marine notes, persimmon, rock rose, rosemary, neroli, and bergamot.

The notes of Gucci Guilty include orange blossom, patchouli, pink pepper, lemon, neroli, cedar, and lavender.

The Feeling When You Open the Bottles

Let’s begin our discussion with Gucci Guilty. You will immediately find a lemon citrus blast when you open the perfume bottle. With it, you will smell a covering of lavender and warm amber. It is a pleasant aroma as the perfume spreads a smooth, fresh, and floral scent.

The opening of Acqua di Gio is filled with tangerine and citrus notes. Along with them, you will smell the marine notes.

These notes give the perfume an aqua feel. After some time, you will be able to smell the smoky flavor of hyacinth and rock rose.

Gucci Guilty vs. Acqua di Gio: the Longevity

When you wear Gucci Guilty, you will only get around 5-6 hours of effectiveness from it. The quality is average, not exceptional. Acqua di Gio is slightly better on my skin, lasting 6-7 hours. It’s not a huge improvement, but it’s still noticeable.

Acqua di Gio used to be far superior to its current state. Yet, it has the potential to outperform the original Gucci Guilty in terms of performance.

Acqua di Gio vs. Gucci Guilty: The Projection

To begin, each of these perfumes has a similar consistency. You can classify the sillage as quite moderate. You’re aware of it, but it doesn’t overrun a room.

Guilty, on the other hand, lighten up faster than Armani. After a few hours, it becomes more airy, light, and fresh.

Gucci Guilty vs. Acqua di Gio: Versatility Differences

Both the scents have a wide range of applications. They are most appropriate in the spring and summer months, but you can wear them all year. They are also appropriate for classes, the office, casual wear, or even a date. In this category, there isn’t much of a difference.

Acqua di Gio vs. Gucci Guilty: Overall Scent

Between these two contenders, it’s a toss-up. Acqua di Gio is a timeless classic. It has a fantastic citrus marine accent, with floral and oak notes to balance it out. It also outperforms Gucci Guilty in terms of performance.

Guilty has a more pleasant scent. With the excellent lemon, flowery, and amber undertones, you will love the way it starts. It’s quite straightforward, yet the orange blossom and lavender complement the citrus perfectly. It’s fresh and clean.


The debate between Gucci Guilty vs. Acqua di Gio is everlasting. Maybe their fragrance will not last for a long time. But if you have to pick one, you will need to think, think, and rethink!

Yet, both perfumes would be great picks for you. You can focus on the floral scent of Gucci Guilty. Or, if you want something rustier and smokier, our recommendation would be Acqua di Gio.

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