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No. First of all, it is true that if a father does not provide child support, then he is not doing well. However, this is definitely a crime, and he probably has to go to jail for it.

At present, there are approximately 1.2 million divorced couples in Canada for childbearing.  This number of teenagers typically needs child support. However, The Government of Canada has already specified more importance to kid support. Significantly, between child support and spousal support, you must first pay the child support.

After that, if you can provide spousal support, you may pay for it. Else, the court can penalize you. There are some critical penalties for not paying child support in Canada, which are mentioned in the following:

So, let’s get started and keep reading deeply till the end of this article.

Having wages garnished

The court may contact your employer directly to deduct one portion of your paycheck and pay it to the custodial parent under the wage garnishment and judgment order. After that, the money is effortlessly sent to the custodial parents.

Having driving license suspension:

Almost every province in Canada has a rule that you will get suspension regarding your professional or business license, driving license for not providing child support. Apart from that, some local child support organizations regularly report to the motor vehicle department to understand whether the drivers are supporting the child or not.

Getting extra penalties and fines

In some states in Canada, Courts have already imposed some fines and penalties for not supporting children. As a result, if a father does not give it regularly, he will have to pay the child support with additional fines.

Having passport denied:

The parents who do not support their children, they may be unable to obtain their passport. Moreover, the state can directly prevent them from receiving and also renewing their passports.

Dismissed from military service:

Especially, parents who are in the Canadian military services and cannot provide child support can be fired from their employment. 

Jail time:

Imprisonment is essentially the last penalty for those parents who do not support their children. The length of their imprisonment may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Therefore, you can get fully released as early as possible and you will be able to provide the remaining quantity of child support.

Finally, these are fundamentally critical punishments for not paying child support in Canada. After knowing all of these punishments mentioned above thoroughly, one should not dare to support a child.

How to calculate the child support payments?

There is a standard procedure for measuring child support which the court typically follows. It is crucial to know details for both the payer and the custodian parents. However, you may find numerous child support calculators virtual.

On the other hand, The Child Support Implementation Act provides the formulas for supporting children, and most importantly, every province has its counting method. Anyways, there are some minimum benchmarks that each province evaluates typically, which are given in below:

Child needs:

The first and foremost consideration is the child’s needs. The court generally calculates the volume of money required to meet basic human needs, including- food costs, clothing costs, etc.

The child’s standard of living:

The court also will think about the child’s standard of living. Not all of them have luxurious lives. Not all people have the exact needs here. So, their actual payment will also be quite different.

Custodial parent’s income:

Custodial parents can play one of the essential roles in a child’s life. The court thinks through their income level. If the income level of the custodial parents is comparatively less, the quantity of child support needs an increase.

Payer’s income:

This is the most significant consideration here. If the payer makes less money, the quantity of money will be less as well. Therefore, there is nothing to do here. Because, if the payer cannot make more money, how he will manage to provide it.

Additional costs:

There are some additional costs. For example, you may become ill and require more money for your treatment. Thus, according to this consideration, the rate of payment will be higher.

After considering the above aspects, the court sets a standard ratio of payment, supporting both parties.

In conclusion

To sum up the whole thing, after reading the entire article deeply, you can know the appropriate answer to the main question (Can a father refuse to pay his child support?). But my core question is why this kind of circumstance will generate that someone is being imprisoned only for not paying the actual monetary support to his child.

However, I hope you have already found the main answer, and there is no confusion about whether a father can refuse to pay child support. After that, anyone is free to ask any relevant query in the comment section

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