Addison Rae is a famous YouTuber, as well as a singer and actress. Addison’s net worth is $5 million. On May 18th, 2002, she was born in Los Angeles, California, to parents who were both actors. Her career began when she posted videos of herself lip-syncing songs at the age of 14. Addison has amassed over 3 million followers on TikTok with her account name Addie Adams, where she posts daily vlogs about her life and family.

How did she famous

Addison Rae is famous as a TikTok star, tik tok is an App. Addison raves about tik tok in her videos and, at times, can be seen singing or dancing tik tok songs with other tik tok stars. She has 1 million followers on TikTok alone.

Addison has a YouTube channel that she vlogs on it. She also does other things like lip-syncing, but now she makes tik tok videos once in a while still gets over 100 views even though they are old videos. Addison is used to having more subscribers than YouTubers, such as tana Mongeau tana is a tik tok star too, and Ricci day ticcicaids tay used to be on tik tok she’s not but still makes videos. She has over 2 million subscribers her most popular video has 2.6 million views.

How did Addison Rae become rich :

Addison Rae has become a YouTube sensation and is well known for her TikTok videos. Addison Rae started TikTok in 2013; tik tok was just an app that allowed you to tell stories by using 15 seconds of video clips and music tracks. Tik Tok was very popular, leading Tik Tok to be purchased by, which led Tik Tok to become!

Addison started TikTok with just posting hauls probably because it’s all she knew about but soon went on creating more content like song covers as she got better at singing as well as funny tingles (random or wacky/funny challenges) and tingles where people could send in texts and TikTok videos that they recorded. Tiktok would pick the best ones out of them.

Addison Rae posted tingles to her TikTok account, making tik Tok very popular because people loved tingles.

Addison also did giveaways, eventually forming a group called ‘The gag girls’ where you had to be funny so Addison could gif it (Addison Rae’s big name is its a girl). She was an admin on that account, too, so everybody loved her! as well as doing “that awkward moment when..” videos with other tik toikers such as Lil Miquela and Cameron Dallas! There are lots more gags, but I just wanted to list a couple.

Tik Tok also made Addison Rae rich because tik tok paid people to post videos which is one of the things Addison Rae did as well as endorsements with brands and getting sponsored by tik tok such as TikTok top features, top 10s, etc. you can see her TikTok on her Instagram @addisontrae. Still, TikTok doesn’t let you watch them if they haven’t been spread out over 24 hours, so I’m not sure how she got to be popular!

Addison has now left tik tok and started vlogging under the name ‘ADDIES LIFE’ on YouTube, as well as inking a contract with AwesomenessTV to become an ‘Awesomestar.’ Since tik task is not as popular anymore (which is ironic since tik tok made her rich), she recorded a song about it which was so catchy. I definitely can’t get out of my head.

How did Addison Rae successful?

Addison Rae TikTok singing sensation.

Addison Rae was found in TikTok by her friend who was showing her TikTok video at tike and tapioca. She was love tik tok because she always likes dancing. So, the tik tok app is the best way for her to share herself with people worldwide and make them laugh or be happy. Let’s see what makes tik tok so popular:

The first reason is about the singer itself. They sing and dance to make their fans addicted to it, just like Addison Rae herself when watching tik tok videos, especially the top 5 girl group challenge part 1-4. The second reason is due to its simplicity of tik tok. It just only composes with tik tok app and tik tok song feature. There are no complicated steps, so everyone can easily upload their TikTok video without getting into trouble about what they will do next. Last but not least is TikTok simplicity. Even though tik tak has many features like dancing cars, shops, and games that give extra fun on using TikTok, it still keeps its original system by not giving too many new functions for users already used with the old version tik task.

Addison Rae became one of those successful people in tik tok platform because she put effort into her work and tik tok also helped her by giving a great chance to tik tok users. She sometimes made tik tak when she was bored, and one of her tik toks got many likes. People loved what she made and started to follow her until today. She has more than 400k followers.

I want to point out that Addison is always positive, although people gave negative comments like “your content is not funny” or whatever they say. But of course, nobody can please all the people forever, but if you work hard enough for your dream, then there will be no one who can stop you from being successful.

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